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What is Functional Medicine testing?

Functional tests help us to understand the way your body functions as a whole and what the root cause of the problem is, rather than about specific symptoms that you experience. This is particularly important for people with long-term chronic health problems which may present with a wide range of symptoms. In most cases, my clients have gone to a conventional GP / MD first who prescribes a medication for each symptom and them often medications to overcome the ensuing side-effects.

My approach is very different. I refer to it as the D.A.R.I.N.G. Approachâ„¢ to Healthcare

D = Discover the root cause of your current health issues

A = Analyze body systems with non-invasive functional testing

R = Report on lab results

I = Integrate Lifestyle Medicine with your Primary Care Team

N – Nourish your body with personalized diet and nutrition plans

G = Guided Meditations & Mindfulness

Knowing where to begin

Functional medicine testing looks at 7 main body systems using non-invasive functional tests (i.e. stool, urine, cheek swab or breath samples) to measure biochemical levels in your body. Based on extensive Discovery consultations and detailed intake questionnaires, we divide your symptoms between all the body systems to produce the Functional Medicine Matrix, then we look at which system is most out of balance. This will help us to identify the ‘low hanging fruit’ if we can effect a change in that system, there will be a knock-on improvement in all the others.

The 7 systems that the tests cover are:-

  • Defence & repair (your immune response)
  • Energy (metabolism and mitochondrial function)
  • Biotransformation and Elimination (Detoxification)
  • Transport (Cardiovascular and Lymphatic)
  • Communication (neuro-endocrine communication)
  • Structural integrity (musculo-skeletal, membranes)
  • Assimilation (Digestion & Absorption)
Functional Medicine

Functional Tests

When you order a treatment package, the relevant tests kits will be sent out to you at home in the UK, Europe, the UAE and Australia. Recent changes in the laws in the USA mean that practitioners such as myself who are based outside the USA are no longer able to send kits to you. If you are in a country other than those mentioned, please book a free 15-minute discovery consultation and I will advise you about who the provider is that I work with in your country.

There are literally hundreds of tests to choose from but listed below are the most common ones that I start with. Please note that I do not offer individual tests as a stand-alone purchase.



Food Intolerance

food intolerance test at home

Lactose Intolerance

HPA Axis (Stress)

HRT Monitoring

Menopause home test kit

Cycle Mapping

Stop High Oestogen Levels

Toxic Elements

Toxic exposure Testing


Mycotoxins & Mold

Packages of Tests

Usually, a combination of tests is needed for common conditions, so we offer these packages as a ‘ready-made’ solution with no hidden costs. Please note that we do not sell tests as stand-alone purchases because a little bit of knowledge can do a lot of damage, especially in healthcare, so you will be given professional advice on interpretation and contextualization of your results as well as a health plan based on your particular needs. You can choose between on-going 1:1 health coaching to implement it oveer 3 or 6 months, or to save costs you can have a package that shows you how to get started and implement the recommendations for yourself.