Online Meal Plans

Online Meal Plans

Our online meal plans have been curated by registered dietitians who use science-backed nutrition research to help you to use your food as medicine. Below you will find links where you can subscribe to specific meal plans such as an anti-inflammatory meal plan, vegan meal plan, mediterranean diet recpies and more.

You will see that speciality meal plans for more serious health conditions such as an Elimination Diet, low FODMAP diet, low Histamine diet etc are not included. This is because those diets need to be implemented very carefully so you do not to become nutrient-deficient. Those plans are only included in bespoke functional medicine programmes.

How to Select the Right Online Meal Plan for You

Each of the online meal plans below have different characteristics, so you will need to decide how important calorie-counting is to you, what foods you want to eat more of or less of EG foods with gluten, dairy, meat etc. The main features of each plan are listed, but if you decide you want to change planse, please email Simone at and your plan can be altered from the next Monday after your call.

Nourishing Neurodiversity

If you are wondering where to being with nutrition for autism spectrum disorders, I woudl recommend that the starting point is the Functional Nutrition Meal Plan which is gluten-free and diary-free. Beyond that, you would benefit from personalized functional tests such as the Organic Acids Test, Food Intolerance Test and Gut Function test to identify what you could do to develop a personalized nutrition plan.