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Find out more about how functional medicine can help with the less desirable symptoms of autism and celebrate the strengths of neuro-divergence. Whether you are an individual who is affected or a family member or care-giver, I would be interested to have a chat with you.

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At Barefoot Medicine we have a trademarked process for getting to the root cause of all health concerns. Our D.A.R.I.N.G. Approach to healthcare This stands for Discover, Analyze, Report, Integrate, Nourish and Guide.

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What Is Functional Medicine for Autism?

Functional medicine is an approach to health care that focuses on identifying and addressing the root causes of disease. Functional medicine for autism involves a comprehensive evaluation of your physical, biochemical, and psychological health which is measured using non-invasive home testing kits, in other words, a urine, stool or breath sample. This is a very calming and gentle approach to healthcare that is particularly suitable for children with autism or indeed anyone with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), ADD or neurodiversity. All consultations take place online and all tests are done in the comfort of your own home. The courier will collect the samples from you and deliver them to the laboratory. Simone will then get your results back 3-6 weeks later, depending on the test. Simone uses a variety of therapies, such as nutrition, dietary supplementation, lifestyle modifications, and stress management, to help address the underlying causes of autism and improve overall health and well-being.

Anyone who feels nothing can be done to alleviate a long term health problem , would benefit from Simone's assessment and knowledge...

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What is Functional Medicine?
Our D.A.R.I.N.G. Approach to Healthcare


1 in 54 Children aged 5-11 in UK have autism diagnosis


1 in 34 children age 10-14 in UK have autism diagnosis


Percentage of people with autism have poor gut health symptoms


Boys are rout times more likely to get an autism diagnosis than girls

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