Fully-Funded Community Spaces

We have several community spaces for Barefoot Medicine. Various client spaces, one for parents of autistic children and one for healthcare practitioners. Think of it as our Barefoot Medicine building, with several rooms in. These online spaces are currently sponsored by Barefoot Medicine Juice Plus clients. The commissions that I earn from sales from my Juice Plus Shop fund access to this amazing online virtual meeup space.

I have created a ‘building’ with different rooms: a neurodiversity lounge, a study area with a pomodoro clock, a 1-person chillout space and a cafe, all for people who are neurodivergent and their families, including a lounge for parents to get to know one another.

If you have any comments or feedback about these community spaces, please reach out to Simone at hello@barefootmedicine.co.uk and use ‘Community Space’ as the subject title. This is a new idea and will be constantly evolving, so your input at this stage is really helpful.

Please remember that I am funding this from the commissions from my Juice Plus Franchise, so at present this is being offered to you at no cost. If you would like to support the project, you can sign up for Juice Plus Fruit and Vegetables in a capsule here, and in return you will be offered a FREE Functional Nutrition Course online.

If you are already a Juice Plus customer, you may want to consider becoming a distributor with me as your mentor. I would be very happy to work with anyone, but given that a shocking 80% of autistic adults are unmployed, I would love the opportunity to help you redress this balance. The Juice Plus Franchise is available in 26 countries. If you sign up here I will be notified immediately and I will reach out to you to help you get started.


  • Parents lounge offering a relaxing online networking space for parents of autistic children to share experiences, advice and support with one-another. There are spaces for 5 people at a time.
  • Co-working study space for home-schooled students with ASD. Each space accommodates 6 people and may be suitable for 2 families who want their children to focus together for short bursts of time. There is a pomodoro clock for parents to set the time accordingly.
  • 1-person chillout room. This space is for anyone needing a moment of calm, free from distractions, with soothing music and a calming view. No microphone or chat is enabled.
  • Cafe: The cafe currently accomodates 7 people at any one time. You will all have access to your cameras and microphones.
  • Access to community events, webinars, presentations and offers..
Barefoot Medicine Virtual Communiy

Nourishing Neurodiversity Lounge

This is where neurodivergent individuals and their parents could meet up online before working on a project together or simultaneously with other families. The navigation arrows lead into other spaces EG a study area with a pomodoro clock, an online cafe and even an online ‘chillout zone’.

Nourishing Neurodiversity Lounge
Nourishing Neurodiversity Lounge

Virtual Study Area

Virtual Studying Community
Barefoot Medicine online studying community

The study areas are for up to 6 people and have a Pomodoro Clock set to 25 minutes focus time then a 5 minute break. When you have met your friends in the lounge, you can each go to your study space for 25 minutes, then meet up again either in the lounge for a quick break, or the cafe for your lunch.

This is a trial study area for you to experience what it is like and see whether you would like one to be set up for your family or study group. Please be aware that someone else may be using it at the same time as you.

Parents Virtual Community

If you are a parent of a child with autism, you may want to log into our virtual community lounge and chat with other parents in the same situation as you. Whether you have a coffee break together or a regular meetup, this is your space to support and nourish each other.

parents virtual community
virtual community for parents of children with autism

Individual Chillout Zone

Barefoot Medicine virtual chillout zone
Barefoot Medicine virtual chillout zone

Sometimes you may need some ‘time-out’. This space is for one person at a time to put your headphones on and listen to mediation music, white noise, brown noise or nothing at all. The fully-funded space has meditation music playing, but if you would like a bespoke area, you can submit your requirements here.