Mission Statement

Barefoot Medicine Mission Statement

At Barefoot Medicine Ltd, we are dedicated to empowering individuals to create and enjoy the highest level of health and wellbeing using natural, non-pharmacological interventions. We do this by providing evidence-based personalized functional medicine strategies and helping facilitate lifestyle changes that bring lasting health benefits.  We refer to this as our D.A.R.I.N.G. ApproachTM to Healthcare because it is about a new paradigm that moves away from the conventional medicine model of one-size-fits-all symptom suppression towards a root cause approach where we focus on restoring homeostasis to body systems.

Through our services, education, and commitment to social responsibility, we strive to raise awareness about how to live a healthier life so everyone can reach their full potential physically and emotionally as an integral part of the greater ecosystem.

Personalized Care Plans

Barefoot Medicine provides patient-centred care and the principles of values based medicine that supports the personal beliefs and values of the patient being treated. Advice will always be given in accordance with the principles of the healthcare training undertaken, namely Functional Medicine and Chinese Medicine theories and practices, but at no point will any patient be pressured to pursue a course of action they are uncertain about.

No advice will be given regarding conventional medication other than that which is publicly available.

When appropriate, vaccination information will be provided to help clients make an informed choice based on their own values.

Personalized health strategies will be drawn up in a way that accommodates the clients values and preferences. Where appropriate, they will include the services of other healthcare providers, including GPs, counselors, therapists, professional organizations, fitness trainers, nutritionists and other care-givers.

Patient Safety & Well-being

  • Barefoot Medicine Ltd always puts the patient’s safety and quality of care first.
  • Emergency contact details for each patient is kept with their file in case of any unlikely adverse events.
  • Patients will never be given advice regarding their conventional western medication, other than that which is currently publicly available. No patients will be advised to change or come off medication and in every case will be referred back to their primary medical carer for such matters.
  • In the event of any ‘red flags’ presenting during a consultation, the practitioner reserves the right to refuse treatment and the patient will be referred to the appropriate primary carer or the emergency services. In such instances, payment will still be due for the consolation and healthcare advice given.
  • Client Confidentiality is sacrosanct. However, there are a few situations that may require us to break confidentiality: Firstly, if the client may be an immediate danger to themself or another. Secondly, If the client is endangering another who cannot protect themself, as in the case of a child, a person with a disability, or elder abuse. In such cases, every attempt will be made to liaise with the client to have them take appropriate action of their own volition, but Barefoot Medicine has a legal responsibility to protect clients and the public so steps will be taken to advise the clients primary medical carer or other relevant authorities. In this instance, refunds will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis but are not automatic.


To cultivate a global community of thriving individuals who are empowered to optimize their health and wellbeing.


Earth Care, Self-Care, People Care, Fair Share.

These values are central to the permaculture movement that I believe in passionately, but I have added ‘self-care’ because when we are in a physically and mentally optimal state, we feel better able to care for others and for the planet. An empty vessel quenches no-one’s thirst, so we have a responsibility to nourish ourselves and be the best we can naturally.