Type 2 Diabetes Reversal

3-month Type 2 Diabetes Reversal Programme

Can Type 2 Diabetes be reversed naturally?


Functional Medicine, personalized nutrition plans and natural remedies alongside 1:1 health coaching can definitely help to reverse Type 2 diabetes naturally and permanently.

Are you struggling to manage your sugar levels?


Causative Investigations

This is the start of piecing together when, how and why you began to have trouble with your blood sugar levels. We will put together your Functional Medicine Timeline and a Functional Medicine Matrix which will become our working documents for the next 3 months.


Test, Don’t Guess!

Included in this package are two state-of-the-art laboratory tests. A urine sample will tell us whether your body has the right nutrients coming in and the second is a 3-day stool sample that shows us whether your body is able to effectively absorb those nutrients and get them to where they need to be for optimum health.


Type 2 Diabetes Reversal Food Plan

No more wondering ‘what shall I eat tonight?” Our mobile friendly food plan and simple, clear recipes will inspire and guide you towards healthier eating. You can customize the meals to suit your preferences then print off a shopping list or take your smart phone with you to see what ingredients you need for the next few days or week, as you prefer.


3-month Personalized Health Coaching Plan

Over the 3 months you will have a health coach cheering you on, supporting you through the challenges and offering creative solutions when you feel ‘stuck’ so that by the end of our time working together you will be much healthier, have more energy and a clear picture of how to maintain your good health going forward.

Let’s have a chat about Functional Medicine for Type 2 Diabetes…

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