Infertility Treatment & IVF Support Step 1 – Optimal Nutrition

Step 1 Optimal Nutrition

Research shows that good nutrition can increase your natural fertility levels by up to 35%.  Although broadly ignored by practitioners of Western medicine who do not learn about nutrition as part of their standard training, Chinese Medicine practitioners recognised Hippocrates values millennia before he uttered his now famous words:

“Let thy food be thy medicine and they medicine be they food”

Going shopping for fresh fruit and vegetables every other day is beyond practical for many of us, yet the World Health Organization currently recommends an intake of 5 portions (400g) of fresh fruit and vegetables per day.  (Potatoes and other starchy tubers such as cassava are NOT included in this.)

For this reason, at Barefoot Medicine we strongly recommend supplementing your diet with Juice Plus Premium Capsules.  Juice Plus+ is whole food based nutritional supplement, made from the powdered extract of the juice from 30 different fruits, vegetables and grains.. It is not a multivitamin, medicine or treatment per say, it is simply natural food with no additives and importantly for fertility, no pesticides or chemicals.

Juice Plus+ helps bridge the gap between what you should eat and what you should eat and what you actually eat each day.  The basic requirement is the Juice Plus Premium but if you would like further information about their other products, please call Simone on 07715 239 999.

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