Moxibustion / Moxabustion / Moxa Therapy

Artemesia Vulgaris, known as moxa, has been used as a heat therapy for thousands of years. The principles began in the cold, mountainous climates of northern China when primitive people began using fire for both food and warmth. It was originally used on the abdomen to warm the area and alleviate stomach pain, but the principles have evolved alongside TCM theory to the extent that tiny Mona cones can be burned on the skin instead of needles or burned on the top of a needle to heat it up and potentiate the action of the acupoint it is being burned upon. Sometimes moxa may be used alongside medicinals, so it could, for example, be burned on a slice of ginger root or on garlic.

Mosa is used both to TREAT and to PREVENT illness in TCM practice. It is used in many conditions including fertility and gynaecological illness, dermatology, treatment of trauma and to strengthen the body’s immune system.

Again, moxa is not suitable for certain illnesses, certain patients, at certain times of day (EG immediately after a meal) or in particular circumstances such as pregnancy or during heavy menstruation. it may not be used on certain points or regions of the body during pregnancy or in some other circumstances.


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