Mission Statement

Barefoot Medicine aspires to offer natural healthcare to help anyone reach their optimum level of health and where necessary, to work alongside other healthcare professionals in the pursuit of that goal.

Involvement & Information

  • Patients have clear and accurate information about Barefoot Medicine that is easily accessed via web site www.barefootmedicine.co.uk or hard copy is available upon request.
  • Barefoot Medicine provides a clear and transparent pricing policy and does not endorse any hard-selling tactics
  • The owner, Simone Davis, is available to listen to and when necessary act upon patient feedback.

Personalized Care and Treatment:

Barefoot Medicine provides patient-centred care and the principles of valuesbased medicine that supports the personal beliefs and values of the patient being treated. Advice will always be given in accordance with the principles of the healthcare training undertaken, namely Chinese Medicine theories and practices, but at no point will any patient be pressured to pursue a course of action they are uncertain about.

  • Patient Safety & Well-being
  • Barefoot Medicine always puts the patient’s safety and quality of care first.
  • Patients are never left unattended at the clinic other than when visiting the toilet facilities.
  • Fire-alarm testing is carried out weekly
  • Emergency Procedures are clearly displayed in the clinic
  • First Aid Kit and Fire Blanket are always available in the clinic.
  • A first-aider is on hand at all times
  • Emergency contact details for each patient is kept with their file in case of any unlikely adverse events during their visit.
  • Patients will never be given advice regarding their conventional western medication, other than that which is currently publicly available. No patients will be advised to change or come off medication and in every case will be referred back to their primary medical carer for such matters.
  • In the event of any ‘red flags’ presenting during a consultation, the practitioner reserves the right to refuse treatment and the patient will be referred to the appropriate primary carer or the emergency services. In such instances, payment will still be due for the consolation and healthcare advice given.


The owner, Simone Davis, is committed to ensuring that regulations and standards are fulfilled. Patients receive treatments/services that are safe and in accordance with the latest industry standards and guidelines. Should anyone feel that these standards are not being met, then they can contact Ms Davis on 0845 003 7474 and they will be contacted within 24 business hours.


In the event that a patient cannot see their practitioner at Barefoot Medicine then every effort will be made to either re-schedule an appointment or find an alternative practitioner. An agreement is in place with Catherine Fear at The Body Cl

All of the above info is taken from our Statement of Purpose document and you can find even more information about how we professionally run our clinic by viewing our full Statement of purpose document: statement-of-purpose-oct-2016

If you have any further questions about our clinic or our treatments please feel free to contact us.