Online Yoga Videos

Online yoga videos for stress, weightloss, skiers and snowboarders, cancer survivors and much more are a great way to boost your health at home. There are many styles of yoga depending upon whether you want something deep that will improve your flexibility, gentle to soothe your mind or invigorating to lose weight and tone up, there is certainly a style for you. the added benefit of doing online yoga is that anyone who is feeling somewhat self-conscious or whose time is restricted can have the convenience of working out on their own terms.

Do remember, though, that your safety is paramount and in an ideal world you will also have a fully qualified yoga teacher who can advise you about the difference between ‘good pain’ and ‘bad pain’. It is remarkable how a tweak and a nudge in the right direction from a great teacher can suddenly help you to feel the asanas (postures) working profoundly!

But if affordability and convenience are factors for you, then these online yoga videos are an excellent way to start. I have been using this company for quite some time now and have been very pleasantly surprised by the range of classes they offer and just how much cheaper it is that anywhere else!

New Beginnings: 23 Day Yoga Challenge for 2023

This FREE online yoga video course is designed to support you in creating the best foundation possible for your physical, emotional, and mental health. A consistent yoga practice will help you settle into your personal flow of life. I have used yoga download regularly and have my favourite classes / teachers but for anyone new to this, I think the free 23 day challenge is a great way to start your home workout. There really is something for all levels and all moods and they have extended beyond yoga to T’ai Qi and meditations as well. I notice that there is a prize draw to incentivize people to complete the 23 day challenge, too!

Online Yoga Videos for Fasting

This course of online yoga videos is to accompany a 3, 4 or 5-day fasting programme.

Yoga for Skiers and Snowboarders

You may be able to ski, but if it is a year since you have been, then a 7 day yoga practice will help you to regain your flexibility and avoid injury, so that you can make the most of your holiday!

Lose Weight with Yoga at Home

Sometimes going to the gym can feel a little intimidating for anyone who wants to lose weight, even though no-one judges you as harshly as you judge yourself! But I find that online yoga videos to do at home beforehand helps me to feel less self-conscious by the time I go to exercise with other people around.

Online Yoga for Weight Loss

Yoga for Cancer Survivors

This online yoga video is an uplifting and empowering gentle flow designed for those who have struggled with, or are struggling with cancer. It is for all cancer survivors, whether you are newly diagnosed, receiving treatment, in remission, or cured. Yoga is an amazing tool during any difficult time as it enhances both physical and emotional wellness. This class does just that by allowing you to slow your thought processes and connect to something deeper, while moving your body in a gentle and healing way. It offers an incredible opportunity to let go of any negative emotions you may be experiencing, and find acceptance, empowerment, and peace.