Mental health can be improved in many ways including Mindfulness Based Stress Relief, appropriate nutrition and supplementation, expressive arts for wellbeing and therapeutic arts for improving physical and mental health.

Mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing lie at the core of our physical health and with functional medicine there is so, so much more that is recognized as being beneficial to our mental health than the conventional approach of taking anti-depressants and sleeping tablets.

Although medication can be a way of ‘buying time’ through the rough phases of our life, it is actual lifestyle change that makes the difference to our long-term mental health, no matter what the trigger.

At Barefoot Medicine, the DARING approach to mental health means exploring to root cause to identify whether there was a traumatic event that triggered it, ongoing chronic stress, physiological changes such as menopause and andropause, adverse childhood incidents and so much more.

Our approach to treatment is definitely not conventional! Simone uses therapeutic art and expressive art to help you voice what can often be difficult to verbalize. She ‘gives you permission’ and positively encourages you to make time for hobbies, not just to be nice to you but because getting into your flow state through creativity is a crucial part of your recovery.

Mindfulness Based Stress Relief

Learning Mindfulness practices helps you to live in the present rather than worrying about the past which you cannot change or the future which has not yet happened. Being fully present helps you to gain perspective and clarity during stressful times. While you may not be able to change your circumstances, you can change your perspective o them.

Mindfulness for Adults

We offer a 10-week Online Mindfulness Course as well as individual themed Mindfulness workshops such as Mindful Communication, Mindfulness at Work and more.

Mindfulness for Teens

This is a 10-week online Mindfulness programme that helps teenagers to cope with exam stress, peer pressure, family relationships, emotional intelligence and other themes that are relevant at that phase of life.

Art for Wellbeing

Expressive Art for wellbeing workshops are offered online and in-person for groups of 10 or more.

These sessions are designed specifically to cater for people of all abilities.