Did you know that with a home self-testing kit for stress, a weekly acupuncture session and some herbal remedies, tinctures and nutritional supplements you can protect your health and the ageing process at even the most stressful times of your life? Stress can take its toll on the body in many ways because of the way the cortisol (stress hormone) wreaks havoc on all your other hormones causing symptoms from insomnia to irregular, heavy, light or absent menstruation, greying hair, ageing skin, mood swings and an inability to regulate your temperature. Divorce is one of the most stressful times in anyone’s life but the financial uncertainty and perhaps custody battles take priority over health, eating proper, adequate rest and the opportunity to step outside in nature and get the world back into perspective, yet these are the very things you need most of all to get through this and any other stressful time. Taking an hour or two out each week to have an acupuncture consultation give you some ‘head space’, silence and support whilst at the same time Simone can keep an eye on your overall health and help to calm your nervous system with acupuncture. If you do not have the time to come to clinic, another option is to use a home testing kit to measure your hormone levels using a simple series of saliva samples that you then send off to the lab. About a week later, Simone will get the results and will write a detailed stress hormone profile for you and make recommendations on nutritional supplements, tinctures, herbal remedies etc that you can take during this stressful time to help keep your mind clear and help you to sleep well. You can book your treatments, check availability, order test kits and supplements online via the Barefoot Medicine website under the ‘book now’ page or under the ‘stress’ page where you will find other hints and tips on how to cope with divorce.

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