Digestive Health

If you have any type of digestive problem whether you have been given a diagnosis or not, a great place to start is with a comprehensive GI Test, so i have made the video above to explain to you what that is and how it can help.

Your GP will typically tell you it seems that you have IBS or are Coeliac, but the first problem is that GPs in the UK do not traditionally study nutrition, so unless they have personally chosen to undertake further training, they are not best placed to help you with digestive disorders.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has nutrition at its heart because the only way your body can get the energy and nutrients it needs to heal itself is via what goes into your mouth! That means that every mouthful you eat or drink is either taking you one step closer to better health or one step further away. We therefore use nutritional advise at the heart of every diagnosis so that you can help yourself between treatments.

Some people will find tremendous benefits to their health just by doing a sound detoxification plan and making some lifestyle changes, while others will need something more tailored to their needs such as bespoke supplementation with herbal remedies etc.

The starting point for any digestive health issue is to find out what the current state of your gut is, so although you can get benefit from acupuncture and herbal remedies right from the start, it may save time and money to have the comprehensive GI test done first so that you have a full and detailed report to show to all your healthcare professionals. You cn order your GI Test via our shop.


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