Cancer Support

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What can acupuncture offer to people with cancer?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine we do not treat ‘named’ conditions because we view every client as being individual.  Likewise with ‘cancer’, there may be two individuals with the same type of cancer whose experience of it is very different.  We look at the overall pattern of an illness in an individual and assess how they are feeling physically, mentally and emotionally at each session and our treatment will vary accordingly.  We are very much about treating individuals and tailoring the treatment rather than having a set protocol for a named condition.


The most important thing to note with cancer support is that acupuncture can be used alongside conventional treatments to support the individual. In no way is it a replacement for the well-researched, tried and tested approaches dictated by your oncologist.


At Barefoot Medicine the approach is very much about enabling you to feel well enough to complete your conventional treatment, so this often means supporting people through chemotherapy by regulating their digestion so as to allay the nausea that often prevents people from continuing with the chemo.  Another area where acupuncture comes into its own is in strengthening the emotional well-being of the client because the time span is often very short from diagnosis to surgery or treatment and most people have very little time to adjust and take stock of what is happening.


Nutrition obviously plays a crucial role it he various stages of cancer support and this is another area where Barefoot Medicine can help.  We offer a range of entirely natural food supplements and plant-based protein shakes that are bioavailable and gentle on the system whilst offering the full nutritional value of a complete meal.  The supplements we use are amongst the most thoroughly researched supplements in the world with numerous peer-reviewed studies, including several that demonstrate that they help protect DNA from mutation.

Finally, it is important to remember that it is not only the person who has cancer that needs to make adjustments, so Simone very often treats members of the family as well.  Prognosis in cancer care can be hugely affected by the amount of support a person has and I believe that helping the family to cope emotionally when they receive the news that a loved one has cancer is often as good as treating the cancer patient themselves.


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