Anti-ageing Programme

Our anti-ageing programme is a combination of acupuncture treatments and nutritional supplements.

Whilst most people think of anti-ageing treatment as being a facial to improve physical appearance, at Barefoot Medicine I prefer to take a more holistic approach.  Our faces mirror our internal state, our mental and physical well-being and it is with this in mind that I have devised the Anti-ageing programme.

Many ladies who choose to have this treatment are peri-menopausal.  If that is the case, please let me know because although the programme is the same, if your menopausal symptoms are particularly bad, I would recommend herbal remedies on top of the treatment below, but that can be discussed at the time of the initial consultation once i have taken your pulses and looked at your tongue.  All treatments are individually tailored so even this programme is a guide rather than being set in stone.

Phase 1 – Detoxification and Purification

One of the main factors that affects our physical appearance and the functioning of our bodily systems is the inflammatory load.  Whilst this is often caused by a poor diet and processed food, many otherwise healthy people still have a high inflammatory load because of stress factors, environmental pollutants and the ‘vicious circle’ effect of the condition: our gut is inflamed and the nutrients from good food cannot pass through the lining of the gut because the osmosis is so poor, so our systems ‘clog up’ and even when we try to eat healthily, the good nutrients still struggle to get through.  Without the phytonutrients in our body, the oxidative stress will continue, the ageing process will continue and we will feel tired as our body tries to fight against it.

We try to break that cycle using acupuncture to stimulate your metabolism and eliminate waste (- yes, if you want to look good, please expect me to ask you regularly about your bowel habits!)  Using food as medicine, I also ask you to consider taking Juice Plus supplements because of the convincing clinical research into its ability to reduce levels of oxidative stress and to reduce the inflammatory load (copies of the research are available for you to read in clinic upon request!).

Step 1 – Initial Consultation and photograph of the skin/face – 90 minutes

Step 2 – order Juice Plus Premium fruit, vegetable and berry blend to work internally on the oxidative stress already taking place in the body.

Step 3 – Detoxification of the System.  This is done with acupuncture in a 50 minute session. In this session we will discuss, any dietary problems you may have, bowel movements, Nutrition, the microbiome and why it is so important.

Step 4 – Acupuncture and massage for stress management, if necessary. There is no point having facial revitalization to iron out the lines of frustration and anger, if the underlying emotion has not been addressed!  Whilst acupuncture cannot resolve the issue, it can certainly help with the way you process and deal with the issues that arise in daily life, as well as any underlying trauma (yes, again, if you want to look younger I will need to ‘go there’ as well!  So many of the causes of ageing can relate back to traumatic times and there are some wonderful acupuncture treatments that can help to release the pressure from those issues no matter how long ago they were.  The clinic offers you a safe and confidential space to air your feelings and ‘be heard’.

Phase 2 – Stimulating and Nourishing

Having worked on your ‘internal environment’ in Phase 1, you are now ready to have the facial revitalization treatments to stimulate the microcirculation in your face which will help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.  This is not the non-surgical facelift that can be done with acupuncture, but I usually find that it is what people actually need.  Facelifts are for very specific muscle weakness, not just anti-ageing!  If you do need the latter, then i will discuss that with you because it is very different to this treatment.

Step 1 – Weekly facial revitalisation acupuncture – some body acupuncture can be added for stress reduction or to stimulate metabolism, as required, but the focus will be on the facial.

Step 2 – Review of Diet, nutrition and hydration

Phase 3 – Review and On-going Maintenance

Step 1 – Post-programme photograph of skin/face

Step 2 – Review of diet, nutrition, hydration and lifestyle habits moving forwards

Step 3 – Acupuncture: either for facial revitalization or to de-stress, improve metabolism etc.  This will be tailored to your needs because it is the main issues in YOUR life that are reflected in your face!

If this programme appeals to you , please call Simone on 07715 239 999.  If I am in clinic I will be able to text but not telephone, so leave me a message and I will get back to you within 24 hours.





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