Food as Medicine and dealing with Poor Nutrition


Here at Barefoot Medicine we can provide a number of treatments, products and services to help you deal with Food as Medicine as well as Poor Nutrition and Dietary Problems.

About Nutrition Treatments:

Chinese dietary therapy is central to all Chinese medicine and as such, all patients at the clinic will be asked extensive questions about their diet.  It is crucial that your microbiome is in optimum balance for any healing to occur as this is the foundation of your immune system, your body’s repair system and your energy to achieve day-to-day tasks.

This is not all, however.  You must fuel your body for REPAIR not just for performance!  We are all constantly exposed to bugs and ailments that we need to fight off, but scientists have also found that cancer can only take hold in those with a weak immune system and given that the instance of cancer is still on the increase, taking control of what we eat is critical.

Childhood nutrition is of great concern these days and parents of picky eaters worry whilst at the other extreme, childhood obesity is also a significant concern.  Acupuncture and good nutrition can help children to optimise their health by regulating their metabolism and returning their taste buds to a normal balance if they have grown accustomed to eating too much processed food.

At Barefoot Medicine we recommend the Juice Plus Children’s Health Study, which is the biggest study worldwide into the benefits of fruit and vegetable supplements on Children’s health.  What is more, the supplements are absolutely free to a child whose parent is also talking the Juice Plus capsules.  Go to simonedavis.juiceplus.com to find out more or call 07715 239 999.


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