Dealing with Back Pain including Sciatica


Here at Barefoot Medicine we can provide a number of treatments, products and services to help you deal with Back Pain including Sciatica including our Pain Management Programme.

About our Pain Management Programme:

Whether your pain is acute or chronic or intermittent, acupuncture is very likely to be able to help.  Simone has been trained in deep tissue massage, moxabustion, electro-acupuncture, cupping therapy and herbal medicine so she draws on all of these options to tailor a pain-management solution for you.  

Remember that good nutrition is critical in your fight against chronic pain and it is important to keep your inflammatory load as low as possible and to keep your fluid intake up.  Whilst it is perfectly understandable that anyone with chronic pain does not want to get up for the toilet any more than necessary,, it has become evident in my clinical practice that many sufferers are both dehydrated and malnourished because of an inability to stand and cook or because they drink less so as to get up for the toilet less.  This has a knock-on effect of your joints becoming less lubricated and your muscles not having the protein that they need to repair and recover.

It is Simone’s goal to interrupt the pain cycle for chronic pain sufferers.

Pain Management Programme Testimonial

“Do you know, I no longer take Loperamide, except maybe 1 a week, instead of daily over the last 5 years!!   Amazing and down to you and your incredible skill. Thank you so much. Generally life is so much better since Geoff introduced you to me….” KS, Wales

“I am taking my first overseas holiday in 23yrs on the 27th January and back on 7th February… I have taken not a single Loperamide in several weeks now and my legs seem to get stronger by the day. I have absolutely no doubt that it is all down to you and your treatments.


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