Here at Barefoot Medicine we help to treat patients with a number of health ailments and conditions including but not exclusively the following conditions:


If you have any of the following ailments or conditions and you are looking for help, advice, treatments, product or services to help you to treat or resolve the illness, ailment or condition that you may be suffering from please feel free to contact our clinic or see the treatments section of our website in order to see how we could help.


What areas can we cover?


As we are based in South Wales, within two locations in and around the Capital City of Cardiff, at an acupuncture and health & wellness clinic in Penarth and also at an acupuncture and health & wellness clinic in Caerphilly, we can provide all of our treatment to people suffering from various conditions in South Wales or the South West of England (who would like to travel to one of our clinics).

In addition to our in person services at the clinics, we have a number of nutritional treatments and remedies that we can provide to people all over the UK (including all of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales) as well as around the world (including all of Europe, USA, the Middle East and the rest of the World).

Some of these treatments and remedies including many for nutritional health benefits can be seen via our online Juice Plus website or you can call for more info: 07715 239 999.


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