Combat Chronic Fatigue

Combat Chronic Fatigue naturally

10-week Course

Functional Medicine programme, gut function tests, personalized nutrition plans, herbal remedies, acupuncture, meditation & Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction to help you overcome chronic fatigue.

Week 1

Understanding energy pathways and what can go wrong.

Learn about the different ways energy is made in your body and how the energy pathways can be disrupted leading to fatigue, exhaustion and a feeling of being wired but tired. This will help you understand how you became ill and what you can do about it.

Week 2

Personalized Medicine and how to know what your body needs

Different solutions work for different people, so understanding what can be done to personalize your treatment and see what is happening ‘behind the scenes’ in your own body will help you to get results faster with minimal effort.

Week 3

Detoxification and immune function in chronic fatigue.

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Week 4

Functional Nutrition for Chronic Fatigue syndrome

What is functional nutrition? What should I eat to help reduce chronic fatigue? What foods should I avoid for chronic fatigue syndrome? This week will give you diet hacks to reduce chronic fatigue and increase your energy naturally.

Week 5

Tackling Mental health and emotional well-being during chronic illness.

There are alternatives to anti-depressants and sleeping pills for chronic fatigue but it is important to know where each has its place. This week we will be looking at some empowering practices that can be done with or without conventional medicine.

Week 6

Exercise and Movement: Managing the paradox of inactivity

Pacing for chronic fatigue is central to your recovery. This week will help you understand when and if to begin gentle exercise or movement and how to recognize the difference between chronic fatigue that is depleting your energy and exercise fatigue that is regaining your strength.

Week 7

A realistic look at Sleep, Meditation and Mindfulness in practice.

Mindfulness based stress relief (MBSR) is a great place to start calming the hormones that are triggering your fatigue. We will also look at the difference between mindfulness and meditation and help you work out which is best for you.

Week 8

Effective Communication with friends, family and healthcare professionals

Hacks to overcome the daily challenge of trying to explain to people how you feel inside when they think you look perfectly fine on the outside.

Week 9

Modifiable Lifestyle Factors

Functional Medicine for chronic fatigue syndrome presents an effective process for tackling the symptoms by understanding what triggers your symptoms to become worse, what mediates (or facilitates) the condition and what may be predisposing you to it. A close look at this will help you to reduce your lapses and increase the length of the good phases.

Week 10

Latest research and treatments and your next steps

At the end of this online self-help course there are several options available to you that will be explained here and supporting evidence for each option will be provided for you to decide what will work for you to continue the momentum you have gained over the last 10 weeks.

If you would prefer an all-inclusive package that covers this course material, all the laboratory tests, diagnosis, personalized treatment strategy, personalized nutrition plans and fortnightly 1:1 health coaching calls, please book below to get started today.

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