CMY Sensory Cube: the best sensory toy for autism?

CMY Sensory Cube

A Unique and Interactive Sensory Toy

The original CMY Sensory Cube is a unique and innovative sensory toy that will mesmerize you from the start. It is particularly great for you or your loved ones with neurodiverse conditions such as autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or attention deficit disorder (ADHD).

The translucent cube is coloured on each side: cyan, magenta and yellow (hence the name CMY). When you look directly through the cube, you see the same colour through it as the one you are looking at. However, if you look through it at an angle, the colour will ‘mix’ with whatever is on the face you are also looking through. The video to the right can probably explain it better than I can!

Features and Benefits of the CMY Sensory Cube

Toys are more than just objects for children to play with; they also serve as important tools for their development. This is particularly important for anyone with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The CMY Sensory Cube encourages children to develop fine motor skills as well as hand-eye co-ordination. 

I think it's a bit like a three dimensional kaleidoscope! The beauty and simplicity of the changing colours as it catches the light are mesmerizing! If you are looking for an alternative to electronic devices to keep children entertained, this is a great option! The cube is great for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) subjects. The refraction of the light in the prism relates to the logic of science, yet there is a creative, artistic beauty as well.

CMY Sensory Cube

Although my review is of the 'original' CMY Sensory Cube, the company has actually produced several other designs because of it's success. One of my favourite is Newtons Tower which has translucent pieces that you can build into a tower a bit like jenga.

It is an ideal toy for someone who is neurodiverse because they can play with it either alone, or as part of a structured play activity with a parent or play therapist.

Once concern I did have, however, was about the corners on the cube. Fortunately, the company already seems to have addressed that and they do make a stand for it to go on. This means you can also put it on the window ledge and enjoy the light and colours changing as you move around the room. For anyone who remembers Polyanna and her crystals hanging in the sunlight, you will know what I mean!

Healing Spaces

Sensory toys and room decoration are a very important part of creating 'healing spaces' for everyone, but especially people who are neurodiverse. Familiar, soothing surroundings are vital, as is reduced exposure to toxins. I got a diploma in Interior Design last year and have been hooked ever since! After all, a calm, soothing, toxin-free home is the best way to reduce stress for everyone. Watch out for more posts coming soon about Designing Healing Spaces. I will be looking at sensory rooms for children who are neurodiverse and recommending room decor tips. I will also look at the Mindful Home as a haven for stressed out parents and carers.

The Verdict

I absolutely love the original CMY Sensory Cube! I think it is great value for money and would appeal to anyone, not just those with neurodivergent conditions. Whether or not it is 'the best' sensory toy for autism depends upon what you are looking for and at what price, but this is definitely a great option to consider!

Where to Purchase the CMY Sensory Cube

This unique sensory toy can be shipped worldwide. Do remember to check on their website in case you need to pay import duties!

Use the link below to get 10% off your first order. I would love to hear what you think about the CMY Sensory Cube or any of the other newer products. Whether you are a parent, carer, teacher or play therapist, please do reach out!

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