Art Ideas for Autism and Neurodiversity

Art for Neurodiversity

Welcome to my Art Ideas for Autism page where I explore the world of therapeutic expressive art resources and workshops designed for both adults and children who are neurodiverse. Art for Autism offers a unique opportunity for anyone on the autistic spectrum with any co-morbidities, as well as their parents or caregivers, to engage in expressive art as therapy.

Art has proven to be immensely beneficial for those with neurodivergent conditions, as it helps with both emotional and cognitive development. I design bespoke workshops either online or in-person so that you can experience the many advantages that art offers for overall well-being. I also review products and creative services and make recommendations for fun, creative activities for all the family.

From encouraging a light-hearted humour to promoting relaxation and reducing stress and improving hormonal balance through to enhancing fine motor skills, art becomes a powerful tool in improving everyone’s quality of life.

My aim is to make play a pleasure for everyone involved, fostering a safe and supportive environment where creativity can thrive. I have a deep-rooted belief that healthcare can and should be FUN, not frightening and creativity is the perfect way to achieve that!

Join me on a transformative journey and discover how art can positively impact your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Art For Wellbeing Workshops

I use ‘art’ in its broadest terms that I hope will embody the sense of creative expression that can be achieved. In my experience, this has ranged from elderly people with dementia who are non-verbal but can produce a photo-realistic still life painting, through to someone who is quadriplegic but so gifted at poetry that she was able to dictate a poem that she made up on the spot for her husband and full-time carer to write down and share with me. I am delighted to have her permission to reproduce it here., but only wish I had photographed her reading it aloud to me. Everyone expresses themselves differently but the beauty of creative self-expression is that firstly, it cannot be right, wrong, good or bad, secondly it transcends language, culture, religion, socio-economic status and neurodiversity because creativity is a language that is common to us all.

Art Ideas for Autism: Inspiration

Art Ideas for Autism

If you ever feel short of inspiration, look at the stunning, photo-realistic artwork of Stephen Wiltshire, British architectural artist. Stephen is autistic but he has achieved international fame for the things he CAN do, not for the things he finds challenging. His moto is: “Do the best you can and never stop”. Apparently he sketches daily. I wonder what each of us, myself included, could achieve if we kept a daily artistic journal. What would be on page 1 and how would it compare to page 365?

Apparently Stephen sketches daily. I wonder what each of us, myself included, could achieve if we kept a daily artistic journal. What would be on page 1 and how would it compare to page 365?

Art for Wellbeing Blog Posts

Here are the main posts taken from my blog that specifically relate to Art for Wellbeing in the hope that they will give you some art ideas for autism, ADHD and other ASDs as well as some creative ideas for all the family. Enjoy!