Anxiety & Depression

Banish overwhelm, panic attacks, depression & Anxiety

Functional Medicine for Overwhelm, Panic Attacks, Anxiety & Depression and is particularly useful if you feel low ‘for no obvious reason’ or are struggling to get out of a slump.

Functional Testing

Functional Medicine for Depression & Anxiety

If you are confused by the sensation of overwhelm, depression & anxiety that you are experiencing and your doctor can only offer you anti-depressants and sleeping tablets, then rest assured that functional medicine for anxiety & depression is a much more constructive and empowering approach.

Hormonal Balance

The stress hormone cortisol will have an impact on all other hormones in your body and each of us is affected differently depending on our health, life experiences and other stressors going on. Hormonal changes in both men and women throughout middle age will also have a huge impact on emotional wellbeing. Because of this, we begin with a comprehensive hormone profile that it done with a simple urine testing kit that you can use at home.

Metabolic Balance

When people say ‘you are what you eat’ this is particularly true with mental and emotional wellbeing. There are too many body processes that link mood and food to cover here, but if you engage in this programme you will start to make all the connections. We will, of course, do a urine test to measure the metabolites in your body to ensure you are getting the right nutrients for all the hormonal & biochemical reactions that your body systems need to function properly.


Neurotransmitters affect all nerve impulses in the body and therefore have a direct impact on our physical, mental and emotional state. A third urine test will be used to measure your urine and find out whether you have the right nutrients for these processes to take place efficiently.