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What is cupping therapy?

cupping therapy

Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine in which a therapist puts special cups on your skin for a few minutes to create suction. People get it for many purposes, including to help with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and well-being, and as a type of deep-tissue massage.

The treatment is very popular now after becoming prominent recently with many high profile people having the treatment, including all time top Olympic Champion, Michael Phelps who was having the treatment during the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Cupping therapy is a traditional chinese medicine. Health & Wellness is always top of most peoples list of priorities and cupping is wonderful technique that can improve your health and provide numerous amounts of other benefits.

One way to think about cupping is that it is the inverse of massage. Rather than applying pressure to muscles, the suction uses pressure to pull skin, tissue and muscles upward.

Cupping can be combined with acupuncture into one combined treatment, but it can also be used as a stand alone treatment.

What is involved in Cupping Therapy?

Cupping involves placing glass, bamboo or plastic jars on the skin and creating a vacuum by sucking out the air. The underlying tissue is raised, or sucked, partway into the cup.

What is the purpose of Cupping?

The purpose of cupping is to enhance circulation, help relieve pain, remove “heat” and pull out any toxins that linger in your body’s tissues.

You ought to consider cupping if you seek relief from stress, pain, allergies, fatigue, flu, colds, back pain, anxiety, muscle aches, red itchy skin conditions or fever.

3 reasons why cupping might be for you!

1. Cupping is popular with many high profile Celebrities.

It was about 10 years ago when cupping first appeared in the tabloids. Actress Gwyneth Paltrow showed up on the red carpet with obvious round cupping marks on her back. She received a lot of press and later explained to Oprah, “It feels amazing and it’s very relaxing.”

Well, these days she is not alone among Hollywood stars who are devoted to this ancient healing technique. Last year, Jennifer Aniston arrived at the premiere of her movie, “Call Me Crazy” looking stunning in a strapless black dress which revealed cupping marks. She is known to be a long time fan of cupping and acupuncture.

Others stars who regularly use cupping are Jessica Simpson, Lady Gaga and Victoria Beckham.

And from the world of sport the most celebrated Olympian of all time Michael Phelps was caught up in a cupping storm at this years Rio 2016 Olympic games.

2. Athletes use cupping as a secret weapon.

In addition to Michael Phelps at the Rio Olympics in 2016 (as above), Wang Qun, a Chinese swimmer proudly showed off her marks during the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

As Athletes are always looking for methods to naturally improve their health and performance, many athletes have turned to cupping.

According to an article in the Express in 2009, Tennis ace Andy Murray said he used cupping in conjunction with other treatments to relieve stiffness and to help address a back injury.

3. Cupping provides relief for many health conditions.

Cupping has numerous health and wellness benefits.  It can help remove toxins from the body and stimulate the flow of fresh blood, lymph, and Qi to the affected area and throughout the body. It often works wonders for patients with the flu, colds, coughs, back and muscle pain, poor circulation, anxiety, red itchy skin conditions (though cups are not applied to inflamed areas), allergies, fevers, aches and myriad other pains.

Even more about cupping…

Cupping is not exclusive to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Variations of this treatment were used by ancient Egyptians, North American Indians, early Greeks, and in other Asian and European countries.

Cupping therapy was recommended by Hippocrates, the man whom many consider to be the “Father of Modern Medicine,” in his guide to clinical treatment.

It should be noted that cupping is not to be used on patients who bleed easily and/or cannot stop bleeding, have skin ulcers, or edema. It is unwise to cup over large blood vessels as well. Pregnant women should be cupped with extreme caution and never on their abdomen or lower back.

For more about Cupping Therapy please see the treatment section of our website, our dedicated cupping therapy page or please feel free to contact us.

Cancer and Nutrition

The chief oncologist at the University of San Francisco begins this inspirational talk by saying that we all know that smoking can cause cancer, but he maintains that “what we eat and what we don’t eat is responsible for an equal amount of malignant disease”.  He comments on not having learned about nutrition in medical school and that now he has studied it himself he believes it is crucial for medical reform.  Now that the number of people affected by cancer has reached less than 1:3, it is critical that we are all aware of this connection as soon as possible, ideally while we can still do something about it.

Healing in the Amazon Rainforest

Many modern drugs originate from plants, but of course a plant cannot be patented, so their active ingredients are analyzed, isolated and turned into drugs.  This wonderful and inspirational documentary by Nick Polizzi takes us ‘back to our roots’ with eight seriously ill people who have reached the limit of available treatment in the western world, hand themselves over to the shamans in the Amazon jungle.  This touching film is a reminder to us all of how important it is that we look after our planet in order to look after ourselves.

If you feel inspired by this documentary, please support the project by purchasing their  DVD.


Understanding your trigger points – why do they hurt so much?

The vast majority of patients who come to clinic have some kind of physical pain and many people think that is the ‘norm’ and it is part of the ageing process, or due to sports injury or surgery.

Often, however, they are mistaken in believing that it has to be that way!

Many people are in unnecessary physical pain and are amazed at the difference they feel even after their first session of acupuncture and massage.

What is the MICROBIOME and why you really do need to know!

This short video explains so much about how our immune systems work and why they go wrong.

However, rather encouragingly, understanding this aspect of our anatomy can help anyone to boost their own immunity and their health and wellness overall.

If you are considering coming for treatment at Barefoot Medicine, please take a moment to watch this video and see what you can do to kick start your own healing 🙂


Scientists prove the benefits of supplementing food with…food!

Hippocrates said: “Let they food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food” but now that the World Health Organization recommends 17 portions of fruit and vegetables per day, how can we go shopping for that much food? Or more to the point, how can we actually EAT that much?  Sadly, the fruit and vegetables that are mass-produced are so nutritionally barren that the number of portions we need continues to increase.  But there is a solution!  The video below shows the scientific evidence in support of nutritional supplements that are made from pure fruit and vegetables with no chemicals added.

To order the supplements mentioned in this video, please contact Barefoot Medicine on +44 7715 239 999, email clinic@barefootmedicine.co.uk