Food As Medicine: banish COLD SORES quickly and naturally!



Herpes simplex is a common condition that can erupt at any time of year, but is particularly prevalent in the cold, windy weather when people’s immune systems are weakened.  it is commonly associated with colds and flu.  Once you have had herpes, it will re-occur in the same location and because it is highly contagious, it can spread across your mouth and nasal area as well as be easily transmitted to someone else.

Foods to Avoid:

  • Food rich in arginine, an amino acid found in chocolate, nuts and lentils.
  • Avoid sugar, refined foods made with white flour and saturated fats as these all have a negative effect on the immune system.
  • Some people seem to find attacks more likely if they have been eating dairy made from cow’s milk.

Helpful Foods”

  • Eat high quality protein from organic meats such as turkey and duck (no skin on ), lean pork, fish, corn and soya as these are all high in lysine. Lysine is an amino acid found to interfere with the replication of the herpes simplex virus.

Useful Remedies

  • At the onset, increase your intake of Vitamin C and Lysine together.
  • Take propolis capsules as this has been shown in studies to be highly anti-viral.
  • Calendula tincture may help when dabbed onto the sore.  Do not ‘double dip’ the tissue or cotton wool, though!
  • If your children  have regular attacks of cold sores, they need plenty of vitamins and minerals in their diet.  Consider putting them on the Juice Plus Child Health Study. Every adult taking Juice Plus is entitled to nominate one child to receive free supplements in return for participating in the Child Health Study. If you need more information or help in signing up, please contact Simone at or on 07715 239 999.

Useful Tips

  • Remember to boil your facecloth, face towels and pillows regularly as they may harbour the virus.
  • Wash your toothbrush thoroughly after each use during an outbreak.


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